The way we live today has changed so much to how people lived 50 years ago.  We have turned into a throw away culture.  Re-usable items that are 2 good 2 throw away are sent too landfills instead of being re-used.


As of 2007 over three quarters of Britains landfills have been classed as full.  


Most organisations charge to collect your unwanted items. 


We collect for FREE as long as they are in good re-usable condition.

Our website gives you more information about our FREE collection service and Items on sale.  But do not just stay online, come to us and have a browse.

You will discover plenty of bargains.  We sell everything that you would need to set up a home, everything from beds, sofas, tables and chairs, white goods etc.  Take a look at exactly what we have to offer.

About us

We're small family run business who are trying to make a difference in our local communities.  We try our best to provide a FREE and efficient collection service for all your unwanted household items.  We then clean them up and carry out any maintenance that the items may need before finding them a new home at very low and affordable prices.


We are passionate about what we do, we enjoy what we do and most of all we take pride in what we do!


 It's a pleasure to help you find what you are looking for. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to find the best items for you at the lowest prices possible. 


Our shop is open to the public monday-friday 9-3.  Everyone is welcome pop along for a browse.












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